Hello Kitty World (ハロー キティ ワールド) is a special edition of Balloon Kid released for the Famicom, and never released outside of Japan. It is a modified version of Balloon Kid with elements from the Hello Kitty franchise, perhaps to compensate for Balloon Kid never being released in Japan. It was developed by Mario Co and published by Character Soft. It was released in Japan in March 27, 1992. The original Balloon Kid for the Game Boy was never localized in Japan for reasons not clear, though an enhanced version of Balloon Kid named Balloon Fight GB was produced exclusively for Japan in 2000.

Changes from Balloon KidEdit



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This article contains plot details about the ending of Hello Kitty World and hints at the ending of Balloon Kid.
  • The title screen was heavily re-designed to represent the Hello Kitty franchise.
    • A separate menu with header "players?" and options "one" and "two" was used instead of listing these options as Single Play and Vs Play on the title screen.
  • Jim is no longer involved in the game plot of Single Play mode.
  • Stages are denoted by symbols, rather than numbers.
  • Balloon Trip mode was removed.
  • Tippy Bear is used in the end game sequence instead of Jim.
  • The credits are much different and have three characters floating independently across Stage 3; Kitty White and her twin sister Mimmy. Tippy Bear who gives Kitty White a message at the end of Stage 8 before the credits roll.
    • No enemy comes to knock down one of the characters and instead they make it safely back to Stage 1.
    • The credits end with a cutscene of all three back at Stage 1 safely with the two kittens and also a small blue mouse character waving. A mole is also present, staring at the mouse.
  • Fragments from stalactites, snowflakes, falling stones and the spiny-enemies from Stage 2 simply cause the player to bounce off them instead of losing a life. They are no longer identical to sparks.
  • Two continues are now available from the start of 1 player mode, unlike Balloon Kid and Balloon Fight GB which don't use continues.
  • An interface is accessible at the top of the screen with the mole and controller advice.

Graphical changesEdit

  • Alice is replaced with Kitty White.
  • Samm is replaced with Mimmy.
  • Many enemies and objects were re-designed to appear more feminine or more suitable to the franchise.
    • The Game Boy objects used to enter bonus rooms were replaced with doors.
    • Pink birds replaced other birds, except for the black birds.
    • Sparks look more detailed.

In game creditsEdit


Fan translationsEdit

An unofficial translation (ROM hack) of the game was produced by "InVerse" in 21st October 2007. The credits included the hackers with their screen names, whom replaced the original Balloon Kid names. A later ROM hack was produced in 3rd October 2009 which was a more accurate translation and included a translation of the original game credits. [1] [2]