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In the end credits of Balloon Kid and Balloon Fight GB, Alice manages to catch up with Jim in Stage 8 after defeating the end robot boss and Jim lands safely and releases all of his balloons into the air. This means that Alice has to carry Jim to return him safely back to Pencilvania. The credits then roll, as Alice flies with Jim on the way home. As the credits are about to finish, ironically, when traveling past Stage 2, Alice collides with an enemy Balloon Fighter and drops Jim into the water. This forces the player with no option but to turn off the power and play again.


  • Producer: G. Yokoi
  • Director: Y. Sakamoto
  • Designer: K. Sugino
  • Programmer: T. Onodera
  • Programmer: M. Yasuma
  • Programmer: H. Suzuki
  • Coordinator: S. Sakurai
  • Coordinator: T. Ohsawa
  • Music: H. Sanaka
  • Special thanks to: S. Okada
  • Special thanks to: M. Kanoh
  • Special thanks to: Y. Taki
  • Special thanks to: T. Izushi
  • Special thanks to: M. Yamamoto
  • Special thanks to: M. Sakashita
  • Special thanks to: K. Terasaki
  • Special thanks to: F. Nomura
  • Special thanks to: S. Inoke
  • Special thanks to: M. Tatemoto

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