Balloon Fight GB box art

Balloon Fight GB box-art.

Balloon Fight GB (バルーンファイトGB) is an enhanced version of Balloon Kid for the Game Boy Color, developed by Pax Softnica. It was released in 2000 and was sold only in Japan. The original Balloon Kid was never released in Japan. Balloon Fight GB was available for download in stores across Japan on to a Nintendo Power flash RAM cartridge.

Changes from Balloon KidEdit

Gameplay changesEdit

  • Unlike the original Balloon Kid and the Japan only Hello Kitty World, Balloon Fight GB included an auto-save feature through battery-packed memory.
  • A world map was introduced. It is shown at the beginning of every new stage and allows the player to re-visit any stage after it has been unlocked.

Graphical changesEdit

  • The title screen was redesigned and like Hello Kitty World, this game includes a separate menu to select the game modes. Single Play mode is renamed as "1p game". The balloon "cursor" is larger and the options are shown within a large cloud.
  • The game graphics were heavily improved upon. Objects and backgrounds in game are no longer restricted to one primary color palette.
    • Though consequently the color schemes cannot be changed via the Game Boy boot strap/start up screen.
  • A Super Game Boy border is available.