Balloon Fight boxart 1985 JPN

The Japan boxart for Balloon Fight, released for the Famicom on January 22, 1985.

Balloon Fight is the second game of the Balloon Fight series. It has very similar gameplay to Joust; an arcade game originally developed by Williams Electronics and released in 1982. Nintendo previously developed and released Vs. Balloon Fight for arcade machines in 1984. Vs. Balloon Fight was part of the Nintendo Vs. System designed for two-player competitive play. Balloon Fight was originally released in Japan for the Famicom on January 22, 1985 but was later localized and released as a title for the NES in America in June 1986. In June 8 2007, it was made available as a downloadable title for the Wii's Virtual Console in Europe and Australia. It became available for the US in July 16 of the same year. Japan got the title relatively late, in November 13 2007.