Dmg-bt alice

Official artwork for Alice from Balloon Fight GB.

Alice is the protagonist of Balloon Kid and Balloon Fight GB. She is Jim's sister and a friend of Samm. In Single Play mode, Jim in a small rural area of Pencilvania filled and tied all of his balloons together attempting to make a "beautiful balloon rainbow across the sky" only to have a strong wind blow and carry Jim away from Pencilvania. Alice set herself on a journey to rescue Jim, who conveniently left a trail of balloons for Alice to follow.

According to the Balloon Kid game manual both Alice and her younger brother Jim loved to play with balloons and they would both spend endless days filling the skies with their balloons in their hometown of Pencilvania. Prior to Jim being swept away by the wind, she liked Jim's idea of tying balloons together to make the rainbow but advised him to be careful. After Jim was swept away from home she was determined to save Jim as soon as possible. "Oh no! This is terrible, I must save Jim!" thought Alice.